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My latest book project "Inspired by the National Parks" website is here!





Fiber Beatles

I am pleased to share the release of my book Inspired by the Beatles : An Art Quilt Challenge.

 You can read more about the book and purchase at

I began sewing in the seventh grade in Mrs. Fitzgerald's Home Economics class at Marstellar Junior High School.  I made a nice skirt but only got a "C-" for the year.  During the cooking segment, I unfortunately chose to play the role of class clown after I was given the task of making the tossed salad.  My next project, some years later, was my wedding gown.  Much to my mom's relief, the gown was completed with 9 hours to spare, and all pearls and iridescent sequins were substantially attached, as I made my way down the center aisle at St. Mary's Church in Fairfax Station, VA. 

Writing is my first love, but I've always enjoyed "crafts".  Many projects, outfits and bed quilts later, I now find myself moving from utilitarian to  artistic.  When mere words scribbled with a pen or tapped out on a keyboard can't sufficiently express, there is fiber.  I no longer have to worry about word counts or the hand of an over-zealous editor with a red pen.  I am profoundly grateful that God has blessed me with tools, materials, and creativity for this passion.

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